Chapter 2.4 Shade of grey

The inevitable ultimately came. Mom really started to look older. We celebrated her birthday (yea yea I know, it’s Adan there…he insisted to take his part in caring for the twins every now and then and he just….happened to be there….)

08-25-17_11-31-38 PM

Elise getting a bit grey didn’t hold her back from her goals at all. She was very proud the day she finally reached her fortune goal, and at the same time a big achievement having more than 12 traits! Wow mom, how am I ever gonna stand up to that?

08-25-17_11-48-37 PM

Bodhi and Barak just ate and grew and slept and grew and one day…… they were children ready for school!
Bodhi was a bit sad that day as she wanted strawberry cake, not chocolate, sorry sweets! I do think she’s taking after me! She got the good trait and my looks! She is not so much into brain stuff though (except for computer games). Being creative is her passion, whether it be music or drawing, she loves it all!

08-25-17_11-59-39 PM

Sweet Barak is a bit more looking after his dad. Still wish he had red hair! Must be something in his dad’s genes that made him age up being a slob…Can’t be me! Nope! Twins being twins, Barak copies Bodhi’s creative behaviour and loves the same stuff. At least they can do it all together!

08-26-17_12-01-32 AM

08-28-17_1-31-11 PM

08-28-17_1-31-21 PM

Even then, with grandchildren going to school and a lot of grey hair, mom would not take it any slower. My handiness skill got maxed and I was able to get her into a very special place. We were told there were certain fish types that couldn’t be found anywhere else but there. And it proved true, another accomplishment on her name!

08-29-17_5-01-53 PM

And more!!! (WTG Transform!)

08-29-17_5-51-37 PM

Feeling the end was drawing nearer, we visited a lot of people.
One day we went to visit Alexis, she had a baby a while ago called Harmony ( I think! Too many kids everywhere lol)

08-29-17_9-35-49 PM

We also went to Adan’s wife’s birthday. I keep this last picture of him for the kids, one with us together. I’m embarrassed to tell but I did try to make another attempt to seduce him there, on his wife’s birthday party. First it looked like he was buying it, but soon after he pushed me away and told me he would never again cheat on his wife. Ouch! I felt really really bad after that. End of story. I guess?

08-29-17_9-40-46 PM

08-29-17_9-48-41 PM.png

Then there was one last house to visit. Mom’s old friend, Alice. She even named my sister after her, so that means something, right? (Here they are doting over pictures of the grandkids, obviously!

08-29-17_9-53-25 PM

They hugged it out before we left.

08-29-17_9-54-09 PM

Elise not slowing down didn’t mean I just sat back and relaxed. I had some achievements of my own. Besides becoming a live-in handywoman to mom, I also managed to become a bodybuilder of the sorts! Don’t look at me like that! I have to be in top shape if I ever want to become a Space Ranger!

08-30-17_9-24-52 PM

Then the day came we feared the reaper would come and pick up mom. But my mom wouldn’t be Elise Robinson, the mad scientist, if she hadn’t found something to escape death. She had waited patiently, until her day came, then took a strange-glowing chemical drink. We awaited the reaper that day in vain.

08-30-17_9-54-54 PM

It was a day to celebrate life, for as long as it takes!

08-31-17_6-03-36 PM



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    1. Sorry totally missed the comment! The geodes come with GTW, I just found a heap in my inventory. I think you can also find them on Sixam and you will sometimes get these if you use the FreezeRay from Science Career to transform items

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