Chapter 1

Happier than ever and excited as a little girl I arrived at my new home. Well…land. There’s nothing on it yet, but the place is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Not that I’ve traveled far, heh…

08-10-17_9-46-17 PM

08-10-17_9-46-21 PM

As you might have guessed from my introduction, one day I want to be a mad scientist.

08-10-17_9-46-33 PM

But not today. Today is a day for exploring. Nothing better than starting your day with an awesome view of your neighbours huge mansion at the other side of the river. One day, I will own a house like that.

08-10-17_9-47-40 PM

But not anytime soon it seems. While I was busy trying to get some fish to sell, some neighbours came over, interrupting my daydreams. They apparently live right next to me in the other (even bigger) mansion. Even though they interrupted my early morning plans for the day, it was a pleasure to meet them. I’m pretty sure the woman my age, Alice, could be a potential good friend. She had some interesting stories to tell (and juicy gossips too!)

08-10-17_9-49-47 PM08-10-17_9-51-46 PM

After some time chatting away, I felt safe to excuse myself and started running around the place to find some stuff to start up my garden. Coz, every mad scientist needs a huge garden, right?

08-10-17_9-58-13 PM

As I didn’t find nearly enough good stuff to satisfy myself with, I headed of the the local park. What a beautiful, sunny place! However, I couldn’t find anything I could use there, so I decided it was time for something to eat. Close to some fishing spots there was a barbeque and eager to make me a nice dinner I started making sausages and pepper.

08-10-17_10-01-06 PM

Only to realise moments later that I am a plum vegetarian! How on earth could I forget that? So eager to move on in my life…..I guess I will make a fine forgetful, mad scientist, don’t you agree? Heh!

08-10-17_10-01-24 PM

08-10-17_10-03-03 PM

I took a few moments to get rid of the nausea, then made a last round through the park to pick up some things I oversaw earlier. Like that big trashbin that might have been stocked to the brim with good stuff (trust me, it wasn’t!)

08-10-17_10-04-39 PM

Sorry to say, I don’t own my toilet yet, so before heading back to my own land I just had to go…

08-10-17_10-04-52 PM

At the end of the day, I had enough to buy me a place to sleep at least.

08-10-17_10-06-41 PM
It’s a start…..isn’t it?


8 thoughts on “Chapter 1

  1. Oh, what a neat idea! Kind of like the 100 baby challenge where all the guys are just donors. I like her with that hair. I did the science career too. It’s so fun! Good luck. Looking forward to seeing how she does.

    Liked by 1 person

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